We are built for this

Funerals have a “season.” There are times in the year where there is an uptick is funerals, burials, and viewings. Even during the COVID pandemic we as a species are currently navigating, the funeral busy season has remained, and we are in the midst of the summer season now.

I mention this because I do a fair amount of funerals throughout the year. Here in the Washington DC many people come for careers in Government or related activities, and never establish a church relationship, so several funeral homes call me to perform the rites for the “un-churched.”

On occasion, this busy season can appear taxing to an outsider. As a “self-sustaining” priest, meaning I work a secular job (in actuality, 4 in total) balancing the needs of the faithful and my ability to self-care is a bit of a juggling act.

I am in the midst of such a time, which led me to a series of conversation, 1 with my husband, and 1 with my oldest son, Sam.

In the end they were good conversations. I cherish them both for being concerned about my well-being, and they were also good for my self-examen. They conversations reminded me that I was built for this!

It’s often said that the priesthood is a calling, not a choice. That God, who “formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you. I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” (Jer. 1:5) chose me to carry out the work of His Son Jesus Christ, giving those called to priestly ministry little choice.. we were conscripted by God to do this work. We are obligated, and thus God built us this way and supports us in the manner to the that prophet of all nations the Jeremiah speaks of.

Priests are responsible for the souls entrusted to their care, and are obligated to teach, serve, and above all save them with the love of God that we are obligated to express. There simply is no mechanism in the Melchizedek priesthood for us to ignore, shirk, push aside, delay, or disregard that obligation.

So there are tied days ahead for me… and for us all. But Christ will hold us up, walk with us, and even carry us when we are too tired to continue. That’s because His love for His children is absolute just as the priestly obligation entrusted to his shepherds and prophets is.