Who the hell am I?

… Good question. I think that’s part of what this online journal is about; to help me, even at my ripe old age of L, soon to be LI (those be Roman Numerals there don’cha know) further understand who I am, what defines me, and where I am supposed to go and do.  I am hoping this will be an honest exploration of what could ostensibly called “my destiny.”

Sounds pompous. Let me try that again.

Ok so, it’s none of your business who the shrimp toast I am. Seriously though, I hope this journal will contain some of the serious, some of the spiritual, some irreverence, and a good helping of my snarky opinion on all things animal, vegetable, and mineral.

It’s meant to be an outlet for my thoughts, reflections, and opinions.

Over my XLXI years to date, I have done quite a lot. I’ve at some point been, and in many cases, still am, a firefighter, EMT, teacher, pastor, store clerk, counselor, disaster worker, volunteer, event planner and fundraiser, non-profit CEO, boyfriend, partner, husband, father, brother, uncle.

I’ve also been a whiner, lazy, procrastinator, mean, nasty, self-centered, misogynistic, passive aggressive… basically a jerk- you get the picture.

I’m a sci-fi fan, an anglophile, a bit of a political junkie, progressive, liberal with some very specific right tendencies.

My name is Michael, welcome to my brain; I hope you enjoy it.