Who the hell am I?

… Good question. I think that’s part of what this online journal is about; to help me further understand who I am, what defines me, and where I am supposed to go and do.  I am hoping this will be an honest exploration of what could ostensibly called “my destiny.”

Sounds pompous. Let me try that again.

I serve the People of God and His Church as the Presiding Bishop of the US Old Catholic Church, a post to which I was appointed in March of 2019.   Prior to my current assignment, I was Presiding Bishop of the North American Old Catholic Church from 2007 to 2013.

I was consecrated a Bishop in Christ’s One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church on Ash Wednesday, 2006.

I hope this journal will contain some of the serious, some of the spiritual, some irreverence, and a good helping of my snarky opinion on all things animal, vegetable, and mineral.

It’s meant to be an outlet for my thoughts, reflections, and opinions.

Over my  50+ years to date, I have done quite a lot. I’ve at some point been, and in many cases, still am, a firefighter, EMT, teacher, pastor, store clerk, counselor, disaster worker, volunteer, event planner and fundraiser, non-profit CEO, boyfriend, partner, husband, father, brother, uncle.

I met the man of my hopes and dreams in 2005, Matt. We have been together ever since- proof to me that God is good- all the time. 

Together, we have 4 wonderful sons: Sam, Christian, Austin, and Silas.

I’ve also been a whiner, lazy, procrastinator, mean, nasty, self-centered, misogynistic, passive aggressive… basically a jerk- you get the picture.

I’m a sci-fi fan, an anglophile, a bit of a political junkie, progressive, liberal with some very specific right tendencies.

My name is Michael, welcome to my brain; I hope you enjoy it.